Australian Championship Series 2019
Details for Axel Bendix

Tournament Date Position Points
Rosstown Retro Pinball Arcade Tournament2018-06-30102.11
Hashman's Super Secret Comp2018-10-0181.48
Pinball Paradise Progressive Strikes2018-10-1741.06
Bayside Pinball Club Monthly Tournament2018-09-27221.03
A Great WPPRtunity2018-12-16201.01
Rage Tilt at Ryza's2018-05-2090.98
Rage Tilting for the Queen2018-06-10160.87
Pinball Paradise Flip Frenzy2018-12-1180.82
Bayside Pinball Club Monthly Tournament2018-05-31190.69
Bayside Pinball Club Monthly Tournament2018-02-22110.56
Argonauts Monthly Quest2018-08-02140.52
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2018-03-2760.42
Bayside Pinball Club Monthly Tournament2018-04-26200.26
A Great WPPRtunity2018-12-16200.18
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2018-10-30150.17
Rage Tilt at Ryza's2018-04-15180.16
Pinball Paradise Progressive Strikes2018-08-08290.15
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2018-02-27140.08
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2018-04-24270.05

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated