Australian Championship Series 2019
Details for Rhys McHale

Tournament Date Position Points
Pin-Golf at Netherworld2018-06-1728.92
Netherworld Flip Frenzy2018-12-0138.30
Netherworld Flip Frenzy2018-10-0666.03
Brisbane Pinball Club2018-07-3183.24
Brisbane Masters2018-07-22592.83
Pincadia 2 Strike2018-04-3062.21
Brisbane Pinball Club2018-11-20122.16
BM 3-Strikes2018-07-20682.03
Brisbane Pinball Club2018-08-14121.78
Brisbane Pinball Club2018-11-06111.51
Pincadia Mini Matchplay2018-11-2691.38
Brisbane Pinball Club2018-10-09201.29
BM Pin-Golf2018-07-19491.24
Pincadia 2 Strike2018-05-2891.22
The AMD Noosa Festival Of Pinball - Maiden Event2018-09-09121.04
Brisbane Pinball Club2018-03-27181.02
Netherworld Flip Frenzy2018-08-11161.01
Brisbane Pinball Club2018-06-19210.97
Brisbane Pinball Club2018-09-25230.97
Netherworld Flip Frenzy2018-11-03180.94

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated