Australian Championship Series 2020
Details for John Kleeman

Tournament Date Position Points
Amusement Worx Group Matchplay Tournament2019-03-2690.84
Amusement Worx Group Matchplay Tournament2019-07-02110.73
Amusement Worx Flip Frenzy Tournament2019-06-04130.67
Amusement Worx Best Game Tournament2019-07-3060.60
Amusement Worx Head To Head Matchplay Tournament2019-04-30110.38
Amusement Worx Stern Army Flip Frenzy Tournament2019-02-26150.24
Amusement Worx Mini League2019-07-16110.19
Amusement Worx Mini League2019-05-28150.13

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated