Australian Championship Series 2020
Details for Paul Higginbotham

Tournament Date Position Points
Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships2019-06-09235.05
ACS Mini Tournament2019-02-16114.11
Pinball at The Basement2019-05-13111.23
Pinball at The Basement2019-09-09110.76
Pinball at The Basement2019-12-09110.43
ACS Flip Frenzy2019-02-15119.40
Pinball at The Basement2019-11-1818.99
Pinball at The Basement2019-10-1417.78
Pinball at The Basement2019-08-1217.49
Pinball at The Basement2019-04-0824.45
Pinball at The Basement2019-06-1723.63
SHPC Flip Frenzy2019-06-07391.86
SHPC Classics2019-06-09481.44
SHPC 3 Strike2019-06-08471.43
Vice City Players Home Meet2019-08-24110.61
Pinball at The Basement2019-03-18110.59

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated