Australian Championship Series 2019
Details for Sheena Foster

Tournament Date Position Points
Yeerongpilly Star Trek Monthly Pinball League2018-01-2640.29
Yeerongpilly Super League2018-04-27140.20
Yeerongpilly Super League2018-01-26160.20
Yeerongpilly Super League2018-05-25140.19
Yeerongpilly Major League2018-04-2770.19
Yeerongpilly ID4 Monthly Pinball League2018-04-2750.13
Yeerongpilly Junkyard Monthly Pinball League2018-05-2560.12
Yeerongpilly Getaway Monthly Pinball League2018-04-2770.08
Yeerongpilly Fish Tales Monthly Pinball League2018-01-2680.08
Yeerongpilly The Addams Family Monthly Pinball League2018-01-2680.08
Yeerongpilly Major League2018-05-25140.07
Yeerongpilly Fish Tales Monthly Pinball League2018-04-2780.06
Yeerongpilly Junkyard Monthly Pinball League2018-04-2780.06
Yeerongpilly Getaway Monthly Pinball League2018-01-26100.06
Yeerongpilly ID4 Monthly Pinball League2018-01-2690.04
Yeerongpilly Game of Thrones Monthly Pinball League2018-01-26110.04
Yeerongpilly Getaway Monthly Pinball League2018-05-2590.02

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated