Australian Championship Series 2019
Details for Vincent Rossis

Tournament Date Position Points
BM 3-Strikes2018-07-201119.30
Bowland Group Knockout2018-10-0644.03
Brisbane Masters2018-07-22533.14
Bowland SA Masters Best Game Card2018-10-0662.26
ACS Strikes Tournament2018-02-10231.98
BM Flip Frenzy Sunday2018-07-22581.46
Amusement Worx Mini League2018-07-31101.02
Bowland Group Matchplay2018-10-05110.83
Amusement Worx Mini League2018-06-0560.83
ACS Flip Frenzy2018-02-11460.80
Amusement Worx Mini League2018-09-18120.62
Amusement Worx Group Matchplay Tournament2018-09-11140.58
Balls of Steel2018-12-1790.58
Balls of Steel2018-06-17100.51
BM Flip Frenzy Saturday2018-07-21660.50
Amusement Worx Flip Frenzy Tournament2018-05-15110.42
Adelaide Group MatchPlay Tournament2018-03-3180.41
Grand Prix Sunday Tournament2018-03-2560.33
Amusement Worx Group Matchplay Tournament2018-02-07160.31
Amusement Worx Group Matchplay Tournament2018-06-26140.24

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated