Australian Championship Series 2020
Details for Shannon Paull

Tournament Date Position Points
SHPC 3 Strike2019-06-08326.24
BM 3 Strikes2019-08-151513.98
Pinball at The Basement2019-05-1326.40
BM Warm Up2019-08-16423.62
BM Classics Matchplay2019-08-10422.69
SHPC Flip Frenzy2019-06-07272.63
Pincadia Mini Matchplay2019-08-12242.62
ACS Group Knockout 2019-02-16262.48
Amusement Worx SA Masters Flip Frenzy2019-09-15132.39
Melbourne Silverball Championship2019-10-27252.09
BM Best Game2019-08-09251.96
BM Fair Strikes2019-08-11471.94
SHPC Classics2019-06-09401.94
ACS Flip Frenzy2019-02-15411.78
Brisbane Masters2019-08-181101.77
BM Classics Frenzy2019-08-10341.71
Brisbane Pinball Club2019-08-13511.62
Flipout Flip Frenzy2019-10-25301.48
Pinball at The Basement2019-09-0961.43
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2019-10-2941.37

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated