Australian Championship Series 2019
Details for Geoff Wills

Tournament Date Position Points
Cooly Classic2018-05-19169.07
Cooly Classic 3 Strike2018-05-18571.02
Argonauts Pinball Open2018-10-12280.97
Melbourne Matchplay Championship2018-10-11210.90
Rage Tilting for the Queen2018-06-10190.74
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2018-04-24110.47
Melbourne Matchplay Championship2018-10-14400.26
Melbourne Matchplay Stall Ball2018-10-13110.25
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2018-09-25110.18
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2018-05-29110.17
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2018-06-26200.07

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated