Australian Championship Series 2019
Details for Marcus Sezonov

Tournament Date Position Points
BM 3-Strikes2018-07-201119.30
Melbourne Matchplay Championship2018-10-11310.03
Rosstown Retro Pinball Arcade Tournament2018-06-3039.86
Rage Tilt at Ryza's2018-04-1525.45
Brisbane Masters2018-07-22414.42
MSL Flip Frenzy @ Flipout2018-12-0173.90
ACS Strikes Tournament2018-02-10153.40
Melbourne Silverball Tournament2018-12-02163.05
BM Pin-Golf2018-07-19312.43
Hashman's Super Secret Comp2018-10-0162.40
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2018-04-2442.23
Bayside Pinball Club Monthly Tournament2018-09-27171.44
ACS Flip Frenzy2018-02-09321.38
Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament2018-01-3021.07
ACS Flip Frenzy2018-02-11411.04
Argonauts Pinball Open2018-10-12271.03
Rage Tilting for the Queen2018-06-10131.00
PAX Australia Bayside Pinball Tournament2018-10-2890.99
Pinball Paradise Flip Frenzy2018-10-0950.82
BM Flip Frenzy Saturday2018-07-21590.62

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated