Australian Championship Series 2019
Details for Julien Greening

Tournament Date Position Points
May the 4th be with You Pinball Tournament2018-05-0419.01
Adelaide Group Matchplay Movember Tournament2018-11-1722.33
Adelaide Group MatchPlay Tournament2018-03-3131.65
Amusement Worx Head-to-Head Matchplay Tournament2018-10-0960.87
Grand Prix Sunday Tournament2018-03-2530.84
Amusement Worx Flip Frenzy Tournament2018-05-1560.82
Amusement Worx Group Matchplay Tournament2018-04-17110.56
Players Challenge @ The Basement2018-03-1930.55
Amusement Worx Flip Frenzy Tournament2018-07-1780.52
Balls of Steel2018-06-17150.25
World Cup Tournament2018-07-1490.20
Amusement Worx Group Matchplay Tournament2018-11-13170.16
Amusement Worx Group Matchplay Tournament2018-02-07200.10

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated