Australian Championship Series 2020
Details for Jason Lambert

Tournament Date Position Points
Brisbane Masters2019-08-18442.03
IFPA Australian Championship Series 2019-02-17236.96
QLD State Pinball Championship2019-12-15236.79
BM Classics Matchplay2019-08-10335.25
BM 3 Strikes2019-08-15532.06
Cooly Classic2019-05-25429.37
ACS Group Knockout 2019-02-16227.29
Pincadia Big Birthday Bash2019-10-27125.81
BM Flip Frenzy2019-08-18624.87
Brisbane Pinball Club2019-02-12122.50
Brisbane Pinball Club2019-04-09122.47
Brisbane Pinball Club2019-02-26122.33
Brisbane Pinball Club2019-07-16122.18
Brisbane Pinball Club2019-12-03121.99
Netherworld Flip Frenzy 2019-03-02121.23
Brisbane Pinball Club2019-07-02120.66
Brisbane Pinball Club2019-01-29120.50
AMD Noosa Festival Of Pinball 3 Strike Tournament2019-10-18119.77
Brisbane Pinball Club2019-05-07119.56
Brisbane Pinball Club2019-08-13718.58

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated