Australian Championship Series 2020
Details for Ted Woods

Tournament Date Position Points
Brisbane Masters2019-08-18337.69
Cooly 3 Strike2019-05-25224.09
BM Warm Up2019-08-16413.73
Cooly Warm Up2019-05-24232.92
Cooly Classic2019-05-25352.70
BM 3 Strikes2019-08-15612.20
Pinball at The Basement2019-05-13100.74
Harbourside EM Challenge2019-05-1820.64
Pinball at The Basement2019-04-0890.60
Cooly Flip Frenzy2019-05-26460.48
Pinball at The Basement2019-03-18230.17

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated