Australian Championship Series 2021
Details for Steve Sahariv

Tournament Date Position Points
Pinball at The Basement2020-01-1326.57
ACS 2020 Flip Frenzy2020-02-1681.78
Canberra Invitational Pinball Frenzy - Flip Frenzy2020-01-2731.71
ACS 2020 7-Strike warm-up2020-02-14481.58
Pinball at The Basement2020-02-1091.29
VCP Home Meet #432020-02-22110.57
Canberra Invitational Pinball Frenzy - Flip Frenzy2020-01-25190.46
ACS 2020 Matchplay side event2020-02-15110.41
Canberra Invitational Pinball Frenzy2020-01-26270.32

Data provided by the IFPA - ACS standings provided by Encapsulated